Road Trip Review: Ooty

The last I had visited Ooty was when I was in the second year in college. This time almost 12 years later I visited Ooty during the monsoons and what a treat it was!

Right from the drive through Kerala all the way up to Ooty had been one fantastic journey. We watched how the landscape changed and the narrow winding roads with huge trees that seldom allow the sunlight to pass through creating an awesome ambience for that perfect drive.

The drive was peaceful, though you have to be careful not to honk too much and avoid overtaking, as it’s a single narrow winding road with two-way traffic consisting of both small cars and huge trucks.

Actually, once you’re in a road like that, there isn’t much to hurry about, just enjoy the drive, switch off the air conditioner and breathe in the fresh air that’s so beautifully crisp and moist at the same time.

Just before entering Ooty, we stopped by at Archies Curry Lounge (Phone: 04262 – 263907), situated in the Municipal Comp