Evolving from a storm through Yoga

Having a turbulent past is definitely not very easy. As John Green quotes correctly, – “The darkest nights produce the brightest stars”, but to face the darkness itself all by yourself and fighting it through to reach the light is truly a journey of self-evolution and realisation.

Gaurang Chandarana, a 45-year-old fitness and Yoga enthusiast and the CEO of Abhisti and Wellzee, is one such braveheart who has seen the darkest of the days but evolved into a star. The only thing that kept him going was his inner strength which always existed even when nobody, including even he, could see it.

His strength was in the form of his strong desire to do something big, start his own venture and make way in the field of fitness and Yoga and wanting to spread the message of holistic wellbeing across the world.

The Lifestyle Portal is proud to share an inspiring story of how Gaurang evolved from a stormy past to a stronger version of himself.

Yoga helped him sail through- Gaurang Chandarana during the recovery phase

It all started when Gaurang was working in a multinational organisation and his good performance actually started becoming a curse for him, where office politics affected him deeply.

“Being disoriented as I started getting convinced that with all the office politics, it is difficult to survive in the corporate world. At one point, I also decided to migrate or even start a small business or job. I did nothing for a while. After that, I started a business with someone, raised money for the same and ran it for over three years. Unfortunately, I ran into heavy losses,” says Gaurang.

As frustrating and depressing as it seems, for Gaurang all this started building guilt and discontent. “All these instances in a row could not be bad luck. I was convinced that I needed to change. I was also grappling to come to terms with the fact that I had different preferences. I was the only one (at my age) not married or no relationships and I was getting more convinced that something was totally wrong with me.” says Gaurang. He wasn’t even able to open up to anyone about what he was going through and a day came when he started experimenting with drugs.