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Bengali Style Stir Fry Pumpkin and Potatoes

Pumpkin is a favourite choice for a Sunday morning breakfast for most Bengalis. Well, it used to be and still is in certain households. While cornflakes and oats have taken over the Indianbreakfast options, a Sunday binge is a welcome change. You must be wondering, pumpkin…breakfast…favourite? Well,

Bengali Style Brinjal Fry

Being a Bengali is not easy at times. We have to live up to the reputation of knowing Rabindra Sangeet by heart, be great connoisseurs of foodand of course, the politics that runs through our blood. As a probashi Bangali or a non-resident Bengali, we’re a slightly different breed!

Bengali Style Mixed Vegetable

Having your own kitchen garden has its own charm. Nothing can replace the joys of plucking your own vegetables and fruits from your backyard and cooking it fresh. It tastes so divine, that you just can’t seem to replace the flavor with any other vegetable bought from

Stir Fry Vegetables

If you have baby potatoes, zucchini or cucumber, cauliflower at home, then cook up this quick stir fry veggies in no time. It is quick, simple and very easy to make and goes well with soup, grilled chicken and a steamed rice combination. I tried it at

Bengali Style Okra and Potato Sabzi

As much as I love non-vegetarian food, I love my veggies. One of my favorites is ladies-finger or Okra or Bhindi. I am sharing a simple recipe to make that boring lunch or dinner a little more interesting. So here goes…