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Mama Mia Review, Kolkata

My only interaction with Mama Mia was at the Calcutta Club’s Bakery Carnival. They made my visit to the Carnival memorable by being snooty. Frankly speaking, they had the best stall at the Carnival with some of the best baked exhibits on display, but mama mia, it

Wow Momos – Food Review

Started by Sagar Daryani, Wow Momos is the new momo destination in Calcutta. I met Sagar with my aunt at Spencer’s in Calcutta almost two years ago, when he had just launched the first few chains of Wow Momos. While my mom and aunt shopped for groceries,

Peter Cat Restaurant Review

When we think of Calcutta (sorry, I prefer call it Calcutta and not Kolkata, the name Calcutta has more history, character and style), the first thing that comes to our mind is food –rasgullas, puchkas, momos, biryani, Chinese, Park  Street – the works!   I spent Chirstmas