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A Club for Pets in India

If there can be a fan club for film stars or a sports club, then why should a pet club be far behind? If you’re one of those pet lovers who want to connect with other like-minded pet lovers then hop onto Pet Club India today. In 2009, Karan Gupta,

In memory of a daughter

One of our readers Anirban Dey Choudhury, shares a heart felt article about his pet dog, Kuttush who passed away recently. Kuttush, a beautiful dog was more than just a pet, she was family, a daughter, a friend, a playmate…everything that a pet loving family could ask

Tips on Adopting a Kitten

You look at cute kitten photos and your heart melts. Kittens are fun, cuddly and a treat to the eyes when you watch them play with a woolen ball or chase a butterfly. But there’s more to a playful kitten when you bring it home as a

5 reasons of having a pet dog

If you are wondering whether it is a good idea to have a pet dog at home, I’ll give you five reasons why you should keep one. Yes of course, it is a big commitment, but then there are perks too. Here’s what you 1. look forward

Travel Tips with your Pet Dog

We had adopted a stray pup and named her Lisa (who lived for 17 and a half years). This black and white dog was our companion who went on road trips and joyrides to the beach. She was a sport during all our travels. She would sit

Life with Bubbles and Ruffles

I decorated the fish tank with colorful pebbles and aquatic plants. My friend, who had a keen interest in keeping fish as pets and fish tanks, advised that I should clean the tank every three to four days. Since the fish were tiny and were kept in a

Adopting an older cat

If you want a pet that will be able to take care of itself, then an older cat could be an option. Or if you happen to rescue an older cat and wondering if it will make a good pet, then here are a few things to