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Kerala Style Mutton Pepper Fry

I had a cook book called ‘The Suriani Kitchen’ – Recipes and Recollections from the Syrian Christians of Kerala, by Lathika George. It is by far one of the most exhaustive cook books that I have come across that has been put together so painstakingly by the author.

Top 10 Places to Visit around Ezhimala

Dr. Shabana Saleem explores the beautiful weekend spots with her family and shares a wonderful account with us.  This Naval wife, is an MBBS, DNB (Family Medicine), a mother of two beautiful girls, an excellent cook and a hobbyist. She is one of the most prominent Guest Writers


A trip to North Kerala would be incomplete without witnessing the traditional dance form Theyyam. Theyyam is derived from the word ‘Deyvam’, which means God in Malayalam, and is a Hindu religious rite that is passed down from one generation to another.

Malayala Sadya

If you’re looking for an authentic Malayali cuisine on your visit to Kannur and don’t know where to go, then I can safely suggest visiting Malayala Sadya on SN Park Road in Kuzhikkunnu at Kannur. Don’t go by the external look of the building, go right in

St. Angelo Fort

St. Angelo’s Fort was one of the first Portuguese settlements on the Malabar shores. This seashore fort is situated on the cliff next to the Mapila Bay, extending into the Arabian Sea (also referred to as the Lakshadweep Sea). St. Angelo’s Fort has been declared to be

Pumpkin Flower Fritters

The pumpkin flower in Bengali is known as Kumro (pumpkin) phool (flower) and boy, does it make up for one of the most prized delicacies from Bengal. I had a golden opportunity to grow pumpkin in my kitchen garden and feasted on some garden fresh kumro phooley’r

Fried Anchovies

There is a lot of similarity between Kerala and West Bengal – both of them being the predominant Communist states, also known for their infamous bandhs or hartals. Food also seems to have a common point – starting with rice, coconut, banana, fish, and non-vegetarian cuisine. In Bengal

Cafés and Cigars at Fort Kochi

If you want to spend an entire day leisurely walking around or simply reading a book at an art cafe, consider Fort Kochi, a mere 9 kilometres from MG Road, Ernakulam. Apart from enjoying the food and line up of curio shops, you could watch locals pulling