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Control Begins at Home

Meet one of our new Guest Writers Vikram A Munshi, a Gurgaon based Management Consultant (Healthcare & Life Sciences) who shares a thought provoking article on rising prices and inflation with us. This 40-year-old is a father of two beautiful children, is a huge Wilbur Smith fan, who

Games people play

Senior Assistant Professor, Mrs. Deep Umamahesh shares five easy party games that can breathe life into mundane social events. In her spare time, she enjoys  freelancing , photography , reading , star-gazing and listening to soft music. Try one of these party games today and let us know

Handy tips with wonder Vinegar

You must be wondering why something that has a sour smell, taste and is colorless is being given so much of importance. The truth is vinegar is a wonder product. Produced during the oxidation of ethanol in beer, wine or cider, vinegar has acetic properties that make

10 Easy Tips to Organize your Kitchen

There’s one place in the entire house that is by far a personal favourite for anyone. The kitchen of course! And why not, after all, that’s the place from where we get all the home made goodies, a hot cuppa or an evening snack.