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Art up your Home

You ring the doorbell at Mr. Kapoor’s house and can’t help but admire the wacky and highly creative nameplate. A flamboyant truck, a sadarji driving the dream machine (we mean the truck) with glasses of lassi, the balle balles, the sarso da saag and lots more detailing which is

Eco Corner – Your Eco-Friendly Store

Always wanted that perfect makeover for your home or your office cubicle? If you’re the kind to deck up your house with somethingunique,handmade, gorgeous and eco-friendly at the same time, then the Eco Corner is just the place to drop by. Meet 33-year-old Urvashi Mody, a Graduate

Meet the Ribbon Girls

In school when we had to learn needlework, most of us girls would get bored. What’s the use we would think! Frankly speaking, my needlework is not all that good, as it requires a lot of skill and patience. Since I am always in a hurry to

Jazz up your Wall

Does the fear of a hole in your pocket curb your urge to redesign your room? Here are some simple ideas and tips to give your room a new look by just re-decorating a wall.

Glass Painting

Ever tried your hand at glass painting? It is a little more intricate than painting on other surfaces like paper, canvas or fabric, but with the right instructions you can churn out a decent glass painting of your very own.