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5 food habits to kick start your day

Rushing for work and no time to have a sandwich and a fruit? Slam on the brakes, take a U-turn and return to the kitchen! It may not be one of the wisest decisions to skip meals, particularly breakfast. Given our hectic lifestyles and workdays that can

The Importance of having a First Aid Kit

One such item that is always either taken for granted or usually is never a part of one’s everyday life is a First Aid Kit. In all my travels and living away from home, a well equipped first aid kit has come handy, not only for myself

The Signs of Stress on your Skin

You’re constantly on the go. With every minute counting, your need to complete everything in the given hour makes the stress levels in your body to shoot up. Little do you realize that stress not only leads to high blood pressure, but it can also lead to

What exactly does a thyroid do?

Not many are sure what the thyroid does in the human body. Some associate it with a disease. Dr Caesar Sengupta, MD, Senior Manager Processing of Thyrocare Technologies (a thyroid testing laboratory) clarifies:”It is not a disease, but a gland, and an integral part of the body.”