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Go for a Heritage Walk in Goa

My first visit to Goa was in November 2007. Little did I know that with the help of a Goan friend, we would have discovered something so beautiful that has remained in our memory till date. My friend Ana Maria Desouza Goswami a fellow Travel Expert for

Viva Panjim

Recommended by Lonely Planet, The Rough Guide and the Footprints, Viva Panjim is a Goan family restaurant at Fontainhas. It may take you some time to trace this restaurant in the lanes of Fountainhas, but it’s worth the effort. With the delicious Goan food that is served

Lloyd’s Goa, Food Review

If it’s authentic Goan food that you’re craving for, we highly recommend Lloyd’s at Candolim. The speciality of this restaurant — there is no fixed menu. Everything is the fresh catch of day and prepared by Lloyd’s mother.


If it’s a sea food platter with peach ice tea on the side, we recommend Britto’s at the end of Baga Beach. The platter consisted of prawns, baked crab, kingfish fry and oysters.

Zeebop Goa, Food Review

A review of Goa’s popular eateries The complete foodies that we are, after some research, tried out some popular restaurants in Goa. In spite of the reviews by travel guides and magazines, as travelers, we decided to experiment and offer our firsthand account.

Horse Shoe Goa Restaurant Review

Just 5 minutes away from Viva Panjim, you can walk down to Horse Shoe in Fontainhas. Owned by Vasco, Horse Shoe is an Indo-Portuguese restaurant, that must feature in your trip to Goa. If you do pay Horse Shoe a visit, then don’t miss their mouth melting Chocolate Mousse