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Gift yourself an Ektaara

Bored of the usual accessories? You wish you had something that was simple yet unique and sophisticated; then try out these unique and refreshing handmade creations from Ektaara. Started by 21-year-old Nikita Valsaraj, Ektaara is a brand new addition in the world of fashion accessories that it’s worth

What you wear is who you are

Do you know how to choose clothes? Have you figured the right fabric for your body type? Clothes and fabric need to select according to weather and fashion and should be in tune with your personal style. Mumbai-based fashion designer Anjali Bhosle offers some handy tips:

What’s your Hat Style?

Here’s a style tip to make you really stand out in a crowd: get hold of a hat. Yes, there’s nothing quite like a funky cap, a jazzy hat, or a classy beret to add to your style quotient. Besides offering protection from the elements, hats have