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Calcutta Walking…

If you thought you’ve seen it all in the Vidya Balan starrer ‘Kahaani’ which takes you through the City of Joy and its many nuances, here’s our take of the city in a different light. When you hear the name Calcutta, it exudes a certain charm, history and culture. It

Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon is a popular Chinese restaurant that mostly sees a heavy rush during lunch hours by the office crowd along with plenty of home delivery orders in the neighbourhood of JP Nagar.

How to make Black Pomfret in Tomato Gravy

If you ask a Bengali what the word ‘Fish’ means to them,  their eyes will light up through their thick lensed glasses and their mouth will start watering instantly – well that’s your answer. In Bengali cuisine, fish – especially Rohu and Katla, and of course the Ilish during special occasions,

How to make Gondhoraj Chicken

Gondhoraj lebu (lime) is endemic to West Bengal and once upon a time used to grow in abundance in every household in Bengal that had a garden. As children, we remember plucking Gondhoraj lebu from our garden in Asansol, just before lunch and rinsing it with tap water

Mama Mia Review, Kolkata

My only interaction with Mama Mia was at the Calcutta Club’s Bakery Carnival. They made my visit to the Carnival memorable by being snooty. Frankly speaking, they had the best stall at the Carnival with some of the best baked exhibits on display, but mama mia, it