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Must Art – The Revival of Gond & Bhil Art

The Lifestyle Portal is a big fan of indigenous art forms. We’ve featured many artists and entrepreneurs who have taken the initiative to keep the traditional art forms of India alive.  Here’s one such initiative by Director of Must Art Gallery – Tulika Kedia who through dedicated personal efforts

The Artist, her art and her muse

Her artwork will draw you like a wandering moth to a glowing flame in a dark room; it’s got a certain sense of intensity and depth; it’s dramatic yet calm and playful yet sombre – The Lifestyle Portal is proud to showcase the talents of a self-taught

For the Love of Clay

While we explore various art forms on our Lifestyle Portal, we thought the art of clay modelling and designing is something that is worth a mention. Recently we had talked about Sand Sculpting, now we take you on a new journey with clay. We chatted with 27-year-old

Art up your Home

You ring the doorbell at Mr. Kapoor’s house and can’t help but admire the wacky and highly creative nameplate. A flamboyant truck, a sadarji driving the dream machine (we mean the truck) with glasses of lassi, the balle balles, the sarso da saag and lots more detailing which is