Malayala Sadya

If you’re looking for an authentic Malayali cuisine on your visit to Kannur and don’t know where to go, then I can safely suggest visiting Malayala Sadya on SN Park Road in Kuzhikkunnu at Kannur. Don’t go by the external look of the building, go right in and ask for the family room and you’ll be seated in an air-conditioned, spic and span, well-lit room where you will be served authentic Keralite delicacies.

We tried, Malabar Biryani – mutton and beef and one vegetarian sadya. The food is excellent, served piping hot, so get ready to dig into the meals with your hands. You can ask for a fork and spoon, but mind you, most local and authentic South Indian restaurants don’t usually provide cutlery. So don’t get embarrassed if they give you a surprised look when you ask for a fork and spoon, as diners usually eat with their hands.

Beef biryani priced at Rs. 75/-, Mutton Biryani priced at Rs. 85/- and a vegetarian sadya cost only Rs. 30/- were a complete value for money. This lunch at Malayala Sadya was a real treat after a day of sight-seeing in Kannur. We visited St. Angelo Fort and the Arakkal Museum and by the time we finished our trip, our hunger pangs grew and thanks to this restaurant, we went back home all well fed and satiated like kings and queens.

Malayala Sadya
Restaurant and Catering Service
SN Park Road,
Kannur – 670001
Phone – 0497-27131221/ 09495067588
Timings – 7:30 am to 11:30 am and 4:00 pm to 8:30pm

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