Koshy’s Bangalore – Restaurant Review

Enjoy your favourite fish & chips at Koshy's Bangalore

Enjoy your favourite fish & chips at Koshy’s Bangalore

The best mutton curry rice, fish and chips and pork vindaloo rice combination can be found at the all time favourite Koshy’s in Bangalore. My Dad still fondly remembers this place when he was posted in Bangalore in the late 1960s where he would visit Koshy’s for beer and fish and chips for a Sunday brunch.

At that time they had a portico outside, he says, where it was lovely to sit outdoors and watch the world go by; of course all that is gone today with cars buzzing around like angry bumble bees fighting for a place for parking (not literally).Whenever we make a trip to Bangalore, we make it a point to visit Koshy’s – for the fish and chips, the ambience, the history and the institution of what Koshy’s is today. I know, a lot of my readers will beg to differ that it’s not the same anymore or one can get better fish and chips somewhere else, but we are the old school, we like it that way.

No matter what time of the year we have visited Koshy’s, it is always bustling with energy and I like the feel of just sitting there enjoying a meal and observing the people dining at Koshy’s. The people who visit Koshy’s are smart, classy, have style, well spoken and well read. Thankfully, there’s not much of the IT crowd buzzing there, so no cacophony of corporate lunches and loud mobile ringtones. So if you haven’t visited Koshy’s yet, it’s time you paid a visit and go with the flow.

Sit at the bar, enjoy a couple of beers and dig into some fish finger and chicken tikka, catch up with your friends.


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Koshy’s Bar and Restaurant
Jewel Box
39, St. Marks Road
Phone – 088 -222-13-793

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