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The Magic of Commercials

I like commercials, they make the world look so happy, clean, people with glowing flawless skin, shapely and healthy people, happy families who live in a house with a dog and a garden, where kids play in parks and listen to their mummies! Aah…commercials; thanks for making

The Alarm Clock

My alarm clock is rather an unusual one. It doesn’t operate on batteries, so I don’t have to wind it or set it every night before going to bed. But I know, every morning even before the sun starts shining bright, my alarm clock will be right

Bliss defined

Walking back from the gym as my mind wandered around the life’s usual humdrum, I chanced upon a cat, curled up on top of a wall of a sidewalk. The first thought that crossed my mind was bliss. I was able to define the word bliss with