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5 Reasons to Explore Jharkhand

If you're looking for an offbeat travel destination in India, Bilakshan Santosh Harsh gives you five good reasons to visit his home state, Jharkhand. Boasting of wildlife, natural beauty, history, arts and culture, Jharkhand is soon emerging as a popular tourist destination.

The Birds of Nawabganj

Travel enthusiast, Aditya Narayanan is back from the Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary and shares his experiences with nature and its beautiful birds. Armed with his camera and binoculars, Aditya captures some stunning moments in the sanctuary and recommends you to take a trip as well.

Ooty: An escape from the summer heat

Here's a short travel writeup by Aditya Narayanan an avid traveller who shares some practical travel tips with our readers. He just came back from Ooty soaking up the crisp cool weather which is the perfect weekend getaway from the summers in Bangalore.