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Fusion Foods

Fusion Foods is one of my favourite restaurants, because that’s where I get the best steamed momos in Vizag. Fusion Foods has a Chinese restaurant known as the Oriental Jade Garden, a multi-cuisine Ruby International and a fast food joint. 

Bagels Food Review, Vizag

  Bagels is a name synonymous to burgers, cakes, cookies and pastries. It’s an extremely popular joint amongst the college and office goers in Vizag. The ambience is neat, the decor is bright, in short, Bagels is a place I would like to go before a movie

Kebabri Food Review, Vizag

Kebabri is probably the only North-Indian, Punjabi style kebab joint that one can find in Vizag. There are several other kebab/ tandoor joints, but Kebabri is the most popular, the reason – their kebabs are out of the world.

Chrome, Vizag Review

One of the most popular places for teeny boppers and wannabes in Vizag would be Chrome. The neon lights with red and blue electric and neon hues with mostly boring, non-creative techno music that drills into your head and makes you want to walk up to the

Indian Spice Restaurant Review

It started out as the only Indian restaurant in Vizag a few months ago, but on a recent visit we were handed a brand new menu card with continental and Chinese dishes adding to the list. Care has been taken to pick a few speciality cuisines from