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Style Tips for Summer Parties

Summer parties call for careful selection of clothes and accessories so that you can enjoy without sweating it out. After all, it is most essential to strike a balance between comfort and glamour during summers. Here is how you can go about it:

What exactly does a thyroid do?

Not many are sure what the thyroid does in the human body. Some associate it with a disease. Dr Caesar Sengupta, MD, Senior Manager Processing of Thyrocare Technologies (a thyroid testing laboratory) clarifies:”It is not a disease, but a gland, and an integral part of the body.”

Tips to Bathe your Dog

Giving your dog a bath can be fun for you but not necessarily for your dog. All you need to know are some easy tips to ensure that even your dog enjoys a refreshing bath.

Travel Tips with your Pet Dog

We had adopted a stray pup and named her Lisa (who lived for 17 and a half years). This black and white dog was our companion who went on road trips and joyrides to the beach. She was a sport during all our travels. She would sit

10 Easy Tips to Organize your Kitchen

There’s one place in the entire house that is by far a personal favourite for anyone. The kitchen of course! And why not, after all, that’s the place from where we get all the home made goodies, a hot cuppa or an evening snack.