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How to Design Your Own Pizza

Well, what’s so special in a pizza? There’s so much that you can do by designing your very own pizza topping at home! Simply get a whole wheat pizza base (they turn out so much crunchier and tastier than the refined flour pizza bases) – and use

Kaya – Carrot Erissery

Roots2Shoots Organics co-founder Asha Pillai shares a recipe from her hometown.  Sharing with you a simple yet healthy traditional recipe from Kerala. There are so many variation of this curry in which vegetables are changed as per availability. The basic gravy is one, which is made of

Beguni – Aubergine Fritters

The universal favourite amongst all Bengalis and for those non-Bengalis who haven’t tasted this piece of frolic, ladies & gents, this humble snack is called the ‘Beguni’. 🙂 I’ve had a Marwari friend who loved the Beguni so much that she would visit us every Durga Puja

Aalu bhujia

I know, we’ve usually heard of ‘anda bhujia’, but ‘aalu bhujia’ – are you serious? Yes I am. For the anglicised version I call it ‘Stir fried Baby Potatoes with garlic & onion seeds’ – happy? 🙂 Mum, even though a true blue Bengali hails from a

Beetroot Surprise!

It’s one of those quick fix recipes, which you would  have never realised how easy it is to make unless of course you make it yourself!  That’s right amigos, in fact since beets are loaded with iron and flavonoids – therefore it makes it an ideal snack

Roasted Pumpkin & Mushroom Soup

To be honest, this is not my invention. I just love soups – they’re such a life saver! Just keep them in the refrigerator and heat them up whenever hunger strikes especially you’re too lazy to make something from scratch. It’s healthy and guilt free, you can keep making

Bengali Style Sheem with Posto

This is a popular Bengali side dish that is usually had along with a daal-rice combination. It’s very easy to make and very healthy too. My mother makes this quite often and is quite a favourite among all of us. Sheem (Hyacinth bean) is a very popular vegetable that