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Prawn Pasta

Here’s the second recipe by Kasturi De that she vouches that we all will love; especially kids who enjoy seafood! I know, we’re surely going to try it on a weekday night, I think it’s going to be a Monday, when I can pep up my mood

Aalu bhujia

I know, we’ve usually heard of ‘anda bhujia’, but ‘aalu bhujia’ – are you serious? Yes I am. For the anglicised version I call it ‘Stir fried Baby Potatoes with garlic & onion seeds’ – happy? 🙂 Mum, even though a true blue Bengali hails from a

Beetroot Surprise!

It’s one of those quick fix recipes, which you would  have never realised how easy it is to make unless of course you make it yourself!  That’s right amigos, in fact since beets are loaded with iron and flavonoids – therefore it makes it an ideal snack

Roasted Pumpkin & Mushroom Soup

To be honest, this is not my invention. I just love soups – they’re such a life saver! Just keep them in the refrigerator and heat them up whenever hunger strikes especially you’re too lazy to make something from scratch. It’s healthy and guilt free, you can keep making

Spinach Fritters

Popeye loves spinach. It is the only ‘legitimate’ way to convince your child to eat the green leafy vegetable which is so rich in iron! The moment Popeye pops a can of spinach you see his scrawny muscles balloon up. Iloved that…especially how he would always find a

Cheesy Mushroom on Toast

This is an interesting way to have the usual breakfast or a snack. It’s healthy, appetizing and filling and a hot favourite amongst kids. Cheese is a rich source of calcium and Vitamin B, while mushrooms are rich in potassium, Vitamin B, Niacin, Riboflavin and anti-oxidants. So you can

Bengali Style Brinjal Fry

Being a Bengali is not easy at times. We have to live up to the reputation of knowing Rabindra Sangeet by heart, be great connoisseurs of foodand of course, the politics that runs through our blood. As a probashi Bangali or a non-resident Bengali, we’re a slightly different breed!

Minty Peppercorn Potatoes

Clinical Psychologist, freelance writer for and an Expert Member of  International Association of Holistic Psychology, Prachi Saxena Vaish is very fond of cooking and trying new recipes in her spare time. She shares an original recipe that she prepared especially for our website.