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Top 5 Recipes for a Winter Cocktail Party

After having shared with our readers Top 5 Christmas Party Snacks, Home Chef and Content Writer, Kasturi De shares some brilliant lip-smacking recipes for an ideal Christmas or a Winter Cocktail Party. Take a look – 1. CHICKEN VOL-AU-VENT (Serves 10) For the vol-au-vent casing: 250 grams

Kid’s Menu: Cheesy Chicken Rolls

Parents complaining that their kids don’t help around in the house much, don’t set the dining table for a meal, clean up after that, make their own beds – let alone finish their homework without being told is passe. These days kids are gradually becoming more focussed

How to Design Your Own Pizza

Well, what’s so special in a pizza? There’s so much that you can do by designing your very own pizza topping at home! Simply get a whole wheat pizza base (they turn out so much crunchier and tastier than the refined flour pizza bases) – and use