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Beetroot Surprise!

It’s one of those quick fix recipes, which you would  have never realised how easy it is to make unless of course you make it yourself!  That’s right amigos, in fact since beets are loaded with iron and flavonoids – therefore it makes it an ideal snack

Chilled Red Apple Salad

Nowadays most fruits are readily available throughout the year, and apples are one of them. Personally, I am not too fond of this fruit, but then if there are a few in your fruit bowl at home, then what do you do?

Chilled Pomegranate Salad

Come summer, salads become such a refreshing snacking option. I think, one can make salads out of any food item at home. Even if you don’t have fancy salad dressings or salad leaves at home, simple, rustic, homemade salads can turn out to be heroes just as

Summer Salads

A salad is primarily a light or a portion of an entire meal, which can be made with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian ingredients. Salads are best prepared when the ingredients are raw or partially cooked or steamed, tossed in with mild seasoning like freshly ground black pepper,