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Spicy Idli Snack

I had some left over idlis from the day before and had no coconut chutney to go with it. I was getting very hungry and had no time to prepare breakfast from scratch. You must be wondering, what more can one do to make idlis more tasty and

Kerala Style Egg Masala

On a recent lunch at a friend’s place from Kerala, I discovered an interesting method of preparing egg – with curry leaves! It’s tangy and spicy and can compliment any gravy dish. Try it out today and let us know how it went with daal-rice combo or

Bengali Style Okra and Potato Sabzi

As much as I love non-vegetarian food, I love my veggies. One of my favorites is ladies-finger or Okra or Bhindi. I am sharing a simple recipe to make that boring lunch or dinner a little more interesting. So here goes…

Food Wishlist – Waffles, Frites and Belgium

History has played a significant role in influencing the food habits in Belgium. German, French and Latin cultures have a dominant presence in their food habits. Over the years, the natives came across a wide range of people from all across Europe. Through several experiments they evolved

10 Easy Tips to Organize your Kitchen

There’s one place in the entire house that is by far a personal favourite for anyone. The kitchen of course! And why not, after all, that’s the place from where we get all the home made goodies, a hot cuppa or an evening snack.

Mesmerizing Bangkok

I fell in love with Bangkok the moment I stepped into the city. As soon as I landed at the Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport, I knew I was going to have a good time – there was something positive and energetic about the place that I hadn’t

Mama Mia Review, Kolkata

My only interaction with Mama Mia was at the Calcutta Club’s Bakery Carnival. They made my visit to the Carnival memorable by being snooty. Frankly speaking, they had the best stall at the Carnival with some of the best baked exhibits on display, but mama mia, it

Wow Momos – Food Review

Started by Sagar Daryani, Wow Momos is the new momo destination in Calcutta. I met Sagar with my aunt at Spencer’s in Calcutta almost two years ago, when he had just launched the first few chains of Wow Momos. While my mom and aunt shopped for groceries,