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Summer Refresher

During my last trip to Dubai I met the very lovely Alma Begic, the founder of Handy Trendy who gave me a glimpse into the wonderful food and cultures of Bosnia.  While we sat and chatted about life, living and creativity, she served me a tall glass

Mint Lemon Ice Tea

As you all know we’re inviting our readers to share their ‘Summer Recipes’ with us. Well, here’s one from UK based Ujjaini Lahiri who has sent us this very easy and refreshing ‘Mint Lemon Ice Tea’ with gorgeous photographs to compliment the recipe. What we like about her

Top 3 Nutritious Juice Recipes

While the argument on whether certain fizzy drinks should be banned continues, we recommend some great alternatives that are tasty and nutritious. Samyukta Ganesh, a consultant dietician based in Cochin, offers three low-cal fruit juices. These are made from fruits that are available throughout the year, ensuring