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Eco Corner – Your Eco-Friendly Store

Always wanted that perfect makeover for your home or your office cubicle? If you’re the kind to deck up your house with somethingunique,handmade, gorgeous and eco-friendly at the same time, then the Eco Corner is just the place to drop by. Meet 33-year-old Urvashi Mody, a Graduate

Meet the Ribbon Girls

In school when we had to learn needlework, most of us girls would get bored. What’s the use we would think! Frankly speaking, my needlework is not all that good, as it requires a lot of skill and patience. Since I am always in a hurry to

Meet the Mountain Cleaners

If we think that our cities and towns are polluted and littered with garbage, take a moment to think about the fragile ecosystem which is constantly under threat in the Himalayan regions. Every year, thousands of tourists who make a beeline to popular hill stations to beat

Heart Care with a Difference

We have often heard of the proverb ‘prevention is better than cure’, but Dr Pratiksha G Gandhi, the first woman Preventive Cardiologist in India has taken this phrase to heart and founded the highly acclaimed Institute of Preventive Cardiology (IPC). A Gold medalist Allopathic MD from Bombay University,

Do Animals Matter To You?

Most of us claim to be animal lovers; we wince in pain or close our eyes and turn away when we see a wounded mongrel on the road thinking, well, it’s going to die anyway, or hoping that someone else will come up to help it or

The Art of Speaking

If you ever wondered why your voice sounded like it is, or whether you are pronouncing your vowels and constants correctly, or need to speak clearly in front of a large audience with confidence, then a workshop on The Art of Speaking, conducted by The Learning Curve