The Mountain Walker 

Name: Ameen Shaikh, Co-Founder & Chief of Operations

Name of the company: The Mountain Walker

Expertise: Travel Content Media Products and Travel Services in the Himalayas

Location: Pune

Mobile: +91-8446779977


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About The Mountain Walker: “Our focus is to provide ‘Best-in-class’ services, give prime importance to local experiences, and offer adequate guidance and information covering all aspects of travel. We deal in all kinds of travel such as road trips, hikes, treks, adventure and leisure activities and luxury vacations. More than budget travel, we focus on premium travel experiences. We also provide travel consultancy services based on individual travel requirements, goals and preferences.”, informs Ameen. Read more. 



Names: Sarita Mehra Pandey, Co-Founder 

Name of the company: Bohotraveller

Type of expertise: Travel planning, travel store, travel news, travel blog


Location: Visakhapatnam, Singapore

Mobile No: +91 9492825810

Website: Bohotraveller

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About Bohotraveller: When Sarita and her co-founder launched Bohotraveller, they wanted to go offbeat and so the name seemed apt. Even though they like to share known places but their primary focus is on offbeat travels. Read more.


Let’s Get Lost

Names: Aparna Mohan, Founder

Name of the company: Let’s Get Lost

Type of expertise: Boutique travel company


Location: Mumbai

Mobile No: +91 9930744668

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About Let’s Get Lost: Aparna Mohan, the Founder of Let’s Get Lost a boutique travel agency based out of Mumbai.

They approach all their customers like family and that creates a very warm and friendly group dynamics that cannot be copied by any competition. It’s the beginning of the formation of a very close-knit community of their own. Read more.