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Road Trip Review: Ooty

The last I had visited Ooty was when I was in the second year in college. This time almost 12 years later I visited Ooty during the monsoons and what a treat it was! Right from the drive through Kerala all the way up to Ooty had

Go for a Heritage Walk in Goa

My first visit to Goa was in November 2007. Little did I know that with the help of a Goan friend, we would have discovered something so beautiful that has remained in our memory till date. My friend Ana Maria Desouza Goswami a fellow Travel Expert for

How Safe is your Hotel?

It is the holiday season. Many of you are probably set to spend the new year in an exotic destination. Right? It might not be a bad idea to give a thought to safety before you head out either by yourself or with your family/ dear ones.

Need a break? Get adventurous

Need to take a break from a demanding job? Want to boost your confidence levels at work? A good solution: escape for a week to an adventure sports camp. We are sure your next two questions will be: