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Tackling the Pimple Menace

Pimples have a notorious habit of showing up just before that special date or a much-awaited party. It doesn’t matter how great your date is or how lovely the party is, you constantly feel that all eyes are on your face, with a pimple spoiling the show.

Sunny side up!

The monsoon has taken a break. The skies have cleared and suddenly the weather has turned hot. The umbrellas that served us well during the monsoon have now been brought out to shield us from the harsh heat. To fight off the harsh rays we can apply

Contact Dermatitis

The next time you plan on buying cheap junk jewelry, think again. You never know what your skin may react to, so why experiment? It doesn’t matter if you pay a few bucks extra, as long as you don’t invite skin infections.

Style Tips for Summer Parties

Summer parties call for careful selection of clothes and accessories so that you can enjoy without sweating it out. After all, it is most essential to strike a balance between comfort and glamour during summers. Here is how you can go about it: