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Footwear – Getting it right

Most of the time, shoe styles go unnoticed. Usually, we tend to overlook the importance of wearing the correct type of footwear; we don’t realize this can make or break an outfit. Keeping this in mind, we list footwear etiquette that protect you from common fashion bloopers.

Shoe Shopping at Commercial Street, Bangalore

During one of our shopping sprees, we spent the entire day with our girlfriends at Commercial Street. We spent time shopping for clothes, shoes, bags – the works! Then one of my friends showed us a place from where she would buy party sandals and fancy accessories during

Trendy Monsoon Footwear

Don’t let the monsoon play spoil sport when it comes to wearing your favourite shoes. You need not wear those old pair of sandals that’s on itsway to the bin, just because the rains and muck will spoil your favourite shoes. There’s hope and it comes in