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UrbanKala – When Art meets Urban

The Lifestyle Portal is a big fan of everything handmade and of talented people who create magic with mundane objects in life.  While surfing through the social networking sites on a boring Monday, we spotted an indigo coloured owl (yes, we’re very fond of owl and elephant

Rangiru – Colours of India

India is a land of colours; go to any part of the country and you will be welcomed with a variety each with a unique characteristic. From Rajasthan where the bright hues of the traditional wear stand out brilliantly against the desert sand, to Kerala where the – The Online Indian Mela

When was the last time you visited a mela? A mela has a very unique and a novel concept about it, it has a sense of character. This was where artisans, craftsmen, musicians brought their wares be it art, pottery, clothing, food or even the local dance form