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Fishy Tales

One of our readers Vinita Rishi shares two quick fish recipes with us. The best part is, the ingredients used are easy to find and the recipes even easier to make! A naval wife, a mother of an adorable baby boy and an interior design consultant, Vinita

Mackerel Fry

This is my all time favourite fish accompaniment – low on oil and very easy to make. This fish fry is a hit on winter nights, when you enjoy a simple meal of steamed rice or roti with daal at dinner time.

How to make Black Pomfret in Tomato Gravy

If you ask a Bengali what the word ‘Fish’ means to them,  their eyes will light up through their thick lensed glasses and their mouth will start watering instantly – well that’s your answer. In Bengali cuisine, fish – especially Rohu and Katla, and of course the Ilish during special occasions,