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Bengali Style Stir Fry Pumpkin and Potatoes

Pumpkin is a favourite choice for a Sunday morning breakfast for most Bengalis. Well, it used to be and still is in certain households. While cornflakes and oats have taken over the Indianbreakfast options, a Sunday binge is a welcome change. You must be wondering, pumpkin…breakfast…favourite? Well,

French Toast with Garlic and Coriander

French Toast is a favourite snack for most kids. Especially had before an evening play, a plate of French Toast gives the much required energy and nutrition to a child during their growing up years. French Toast is still one of my favourite snacks and I prefer to

Mushroom Omlette

They say, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, for me, it’s food. I usually get tired of eating the same thing for breakfast, especially on weekends. Weekdays, I don’t mind the mundane breakfast of oats, bread with peanut butter…but weekends have got to be special. I have

5 food habits to kick start your day

Rushing for work and no time to have a sandwich and a fruit? Slam on the brakes, take a U-turn and return to the kitchen! It may not be one of the wisest decisions to skip meals, particularly breakfast. Given our hectic lifestyles and workdays that can

Lila Cafe Goa Review

The ambience at Lila Cafe is serene and is done up in white and green hues, with white painted wooden cane furniture and indoor plants giving it a relaxing feel. If you’re looking for a stop over for breakfast, lunch or evening high tea in Goa, then