Top 10 Events for You & Your Child this Winter Break

Contributor: Bhumika Vikam, Staff Writer

December, the last month of the year is here and The Lifestyle Portal brings you a list of interesting events, workshops and carnivals happening in the city this month. As December brings in the excitement for the upcoming year and the joy of Christmas sets in, a lot of events and carnivals make their way to the city to increase the happiness quotient for children.

Here’s our compilation of some of the best events happening in Mumbai, check it out:

1. Windmill Festival

Considered India’s first international children’s festival, the Windmill Festival is on the top among all other carnivals and festivals. It is the most awaited festival for many. The Windmill Festival witnesses ballet, robotics, and a concert arena with performances for children. There is a dad’s garage with fishing and barbecue and opportunities for all the dads to become chefs. Mothers can be a part of the arena salon with a daycare centre, air-conditioned, and lullabies playing in the privacy of the feeding lounge, change booths and a nappy store. More to add is the toddler arena for toddlers to crawl and jump in the safest, most exciting zone possible. There are different zones for different age groups of children.

When– 16th and 17th December 2017

Where– Jio Garden, BKC

Cost – 1 day pass Rs 600; free entry for children below 2 years

To book– log onto

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2. Once upon a museum

Organised by the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (CSMVS), Once Upon a Museum shines with the tagline ‘The Endless Saga of Stories’ with the aim of recreating history using the art of storytelling. The various programmes taking place in this festival include- exploring life in early cities through dance, creating your own ‘Soul House’ alike Egyptians, having a museum trail, learning about history through examining clay objects and many more interesting ones.

When– 9th and 10th December 2017

Where– CSMVS, Fort

Facebook – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

For registration contact- 022-22844484

3. Christmas Mela

As Christmas is around the corner, here is an interesting mela with not just food and art, but also theatre and role-playing, poetry, planting and even cooking. To add to the fun, there is also a Santa surprise awaiting all the visitors and some other exciting activities such as Clay work, woodwork, and pottery. A band of storytellers from Secret Passages presents a Christmas Mela consisting of 2 new musical and lyrical plays touching souls, rediscovering and creating new body experience for self. Experience the joy of their workshops in its truest sense: theatre and role-playing, poetry, planting, cooking, clay work, woodwork, and pottery. A perfect interplay of experiences involving both, right and left brain development, to create “Aha” moments. Your Takeaway for Now and Forever.

When– 17th December 2017

Where– Kinderbay, Near Metro station, Versova

Cost- Rs 450 per child, Rs 700 for child + adult

For registration contact- 9930705006, 9920622296, 9167450412


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4. Family adventures in nature

Isn’t it exciting to have parents, grandparents, siblings or other family members to come join the child exploring nature? Edufun Life School is up with an interesting event where all the family members can join in and be part of the various activities like nature trails, animal shows, archery, rifle shooting, art and craft, recycling, plant care and much more which shall take place. To add on there will also be an adventure mania with a lot of rides for the kids to enjoy. All the activities will be child-friendly.

When– 9th and 10th December 2017

WhereBhavans Nature And Adventure Centre, Andheri

For registration contact- 8879113212; 9833080205

Cost- 299 Per person per day, Per Ticket. (Adventure zone & Fun zone excluded)

Photo courtesy: EduFun Life School.‎Mother Toddler Camp-Me Mom n Music

5. Mother Toddler Camp- Me, Mom n Music

The Edufun Life School has its second event which is a mother and toddler camp to stimulate the multiple intelligence of children in a unique way. The camp shall include a live music connect, art and craft corner, animal bonding, water play, sand and handwork and pot party. Also taking place will be other Montessori activities, storytelling etc.

When– 11th to 23rd December 2017 ( Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat)

Where– Santacruz

For registration contact- 8879113212 , 9820469979 , 9323728375

Cost- Rs 2,000 for 8 sessions (Adventure zone & Fun zone excluded)

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6. A fairytale of Rapunzel

A Fairytale of Rapunzel, an English musical drama in a sing-song dialogue form with comedy and action will be presented by Rashmi Sharma this month. As we know, the tale is about Rapunzel, a daughter of a peasant who is gifted with magical long blond hair and witch named Gothel. This drama will be conducted by The Cuckoo Club.

When– 9th December 2017

Where– Bandra

To book- log onto

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7. Alibaba and the forty thieves play

Just like the fairytale of Rapunzel, The Cuckoo Club has also organised a play on Alibaba and the forty thieves. This one is a musical adventure of the entire original story which almost we all have heard of. The adaptation is thus taken from the original story, 1001 Arabian Nights.

When– 24th December 2017

Where– Bandra

To book- Log onto

Photo courtesy: Kathakar – International Storytellers Festival
Public · Hosted by Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts

8. Kathakaar- International Storytellers Festival

The world of folktales and fantasies will become alive at the seventh edition of Kathakaar – International Storytellers Festival, where storytellers such as Bruno Leone from Italy, Joe Baele from Belgium and Peter Chand from UK shall be present. The festival shall also witness the launch of ‘Curious Tales from the Himalayas’ followed by reading from the book and sharing of stories.

When– 9th and 10th December 2017

Where– NCPA

For registration contact- 9999088105

Photo courtesy: Doolally Taproom

9. A wand of colours- Harry Potter Themed Canvas Painting

For all the Harry Potter fans around, there is a real-time canvas painting workshop based on Harry Potter. What more can excite Harry Potter fans? All you need to do is enjoy inking your favourite and best scenes from Harry Potter. To add to the excitement, all participants get a free Rs 300 F&B voucher.

When– 10th December 2017

Age group– Above 10 years

Where– Doolally Taproom: Andheri, Mumbai,

For registration contact- 7400171674

To book – Log onto

10. Funday The Ultimate Sunday

Another day-long event Funday, aims to help people rejoice some family time through more than 50 games, activities, workshops, adventure, amusement, cultural stalls and much more all under one roof happening on one day. Each activity is designed in such a way that the parents have to play along with their children. There will be pottery, recycling, art and craft, music and adventure activity workshops conducted. Along with these, there will be races, unique outdoor games, adventure games and rides and a lot more.

When– 17th December 2017

Where– Yeoor Hills, Thane

Cost– Rs 1,000 per person

Facebook– Funday The Ultimate Sunday

For registration contact- 7900 199 811, 7066 703 704, 022-49748922

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