Ssurup Bonsai and Garden 

Name: Ruppa Sujay Shah & Sujay Sharad Shah

Designation: Founders

Name of the company: Ssurup Bonsai and Garden

Expertise: Bonsai Artist

Location: Mumbai

Mobile: +91-7738149691


Social Media Handles:

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About Ssurup Bonsai and Garden: Ruppa Sujay Shah and Sujay Sharad Shah founders of Ssurup Bonsai and Garden. The couple has been trained as bonsai artists trained under the Indonesian Master Rudy Najoan and have been practising the art for 30 years. Read more.


Blocks & Prints 

Name: Shyamala Rao

Designation: Founder

Name of the company: Blocks & Prints

Expertise: Block printing, workshops & designing

Location: Mumbai

Mobile: +91-9869712888

Social Media Handles:

Blocks & Prints on Facebook

About Blocks & Prints: Shyamala Rao a Bachelor in Sociology from St Xaviers’ College who runs a ‘Blocks and Prints’ studio in Mulund, Mumbai. For her block-printing is an essential part of our culture and customs. Read more.