Abhisti & Wellzee 

Name: Gaurang Chandarana

Type of expertise: Yoga Training and Certification

Email: gaurang@abhisti.com

Location: H.O. Mumbai, Reach – Global

Mobile: +91- 9892248408

Websitesabhisti.com and wellzee.com


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Other details: Experts in Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Education, Training and Certification – Online, Distance Learning as well as Training Centers.

About Abhisti & Wellzee: Abhisti is the only certification body which has been started by Yoga and wellness experts. We intend to work deep in the Yoga space exclusively and be the world’s most credible Yoga brand, which is a brand by Indians and from India. Abhisti has the most qualified and experienced team of over 25 people. This team is actually the best in India and probably in the world. The only aim we all have is to deliver quality and credibility. Wellzee is a yoga brand owned by Abhisti Health & Accommodation Pvt. Ltd. It is a global, contemporary brand to promote Yoga in a modern way.



 Name: Adv. Ritu Agwekar, Healer & Trainer

Type of expertise: Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Crystal Healing and Therapeutic Hypnosis,

Email: advritu.agwekar@gmail.com

Location: Pune

Mobile: +91- 9881060073

Other details:

TheSylf – Your Rendezvous with Self has two verticals:

(a) TheSylf – Trainings: Corporate, mixed audience, individual, practically like any kind of audience, customised as per requirement, age group etc.

(b) TheSylf- Wellness: Ritu is an Advanced Pranic Healer, Pranic Psychotherapist, a Crystal Healer and a Therapeutic Hypnotist and Pranic healing is an Energy based form of curative therapy, which is a no Touch, no Medicine Therapy and can cure almost all types of ailments and diseases, including Psychosomatic Disorders. Read more.









Juicy Chemistry

Name: Megha Asher, Co-Founder

Type of expertise: Handcrafted Organic Skincare and Personal Care Products

Email: hello@juicychemistry.com

Location: Coimbatore

Mobile: + 91-9655663566


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About Juicy Chemistry: Megha and Pritesh Asher, a husband-wife duo, who have embarked on a journey to transform the current chemical bound skin care range into completely natural and free from chemicals. Offering a transparent and effective approach, this duo from Coimbatore has a lot to tell us about the difference between ordinary skin products and Juicy Chemistry, their venture. Read more.