Name: Shalini Singh, Founder

Type of expertise: It is a non-intimidating and a responsible matchmaking platform for singles above the age of 30.


Location: H.O Bangalore (Service across the country)


Social media handles: 

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About With a unique signup process, it allows members to ponder what they’re seeking from a relationship. andwemet enables its members to connect beyond physical appearances as it encourages them to bring to the fore relationship deal-breakers early in the conversation thereby bringing in the  required transparency and avoiding subsequent heartaches. Read more.


The Wedding Wishlist

Name: Kanika Subbiah, Founder

Type of expertise: Wedding Gift Registries & Digital Tools for wedding planning in India


Location: H.O Chennai (Service across the country)

Mobile: + 91-8754550002


Social media handles: 

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About The Wedding Wishlist: Their clients are young millennial couples from tier 1 cities, who are educated and well-spoken professionals. Most of them hail from top cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai. These young couples are progressive in their mind-sets who want to fund their own wedding, not waste money and have enough exposure to the concept to be able to adopt it. Read more.


Street Konnect


Type of Expertise: Street fests, Organic Farmers Market, Compost Mela, EcoKonnect


Location: Thakur Village, Kandivali (E), Mumbai 


Social media handles:

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About Street Konnect: Street Konnects vision is to build a strong, happy and a healthy community. As Nita SundararajuSpokesperson of Street Konnect explains, “In an urban environment, where most people are too busy to even meet their own neighbours, the human connection is what we want to encourage and build on. Along with that, we would also like to introduce new ideas that will broaden the horizons for the members of the community, including us.” Read more.


Goregaon Highway Pulse 

Name: Anushree Chatterjee Patni

Type of expertise: Hyper-local website for Goregaon and neighbouring suburbs, Blogging


Location: Goregaon (East), Mumbai

Mobile: + 91-9820444715

Social Media Handles:

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About Goregaon Highway Pulse: Most of the blogs concentrate on food, lifestyle or fashion, whereas GHP roots itself geographically, first. Perhaps GHP is the only such blog in Mumbai that’s been able to keep up original, quality content that’s of real use to the reader and to the people or brands we feature. We are close to 200 posts already, across 14 categories. Having cemented its USP, GHP will also now feature stories from other areas, which would appeal to readers here. Read more. 


The Charkha

Name: Nandini Banerjee

Type of expertise: Handloom saris sourced directly from weavers in Bengal


Location: Thakur Village, Kandivali – East, Mumbai

Mobile: +91-9820396958

Social Media Handles:

The Charkha on Facebook

About The Charkha: The Charkha mostly promotes handloom saris from West Bengal and was formed for a noble cause for helping the poor weavers of West Bengal. Here’s a unique entrepreneurial journey of a boutique that took shape during a charitable act by the Founder that is aimed at helping the weavers in Bengal. Read more.