Happy 7th Birthday to Us!

My tribe, my pride – The Team @ The Lifestyle Portal

Seven years ago on 11th February, I took one of the biggest leaps of faith when I launched The Lifestyle Portal. This was a new door and a new pathway for me. “Even if it doesn’t work,” I said to myself, “I have started my journey which is not an ordinary journey”. I was willing to give it a try. It was with small baby steps forward, combined with oodles of passion and commitment to my work and love for writing that I’ve managed to bring this platform so far. 

There are so many people to thank, just for believing in me and encouraging me all along. And even to those who didn’t believe in me, special thanks to you, as you actually propelled me to push myself to see whether I could do it or not.

Apart from my family, I thank my advisor Sanjay Mukherjee, for showing me a whole new direction on how to take The Lifestyle Portal forward. A big thank you to my mentors – Svati Bhatkal Chakravarty, Devendra Damani, Merill Diniz and Gautam Munshi – who have left a positive mark in my life.

My friends who think I’ve become a workaholic (I don’t blame them), my family who thinks I’m a hermit living out of my room and my 5-year-old daughter who copies me using her toy phone and a toy laptop saying, “Mumma, I’m on a client call.” 😀

From a single one-woman show, I am now joined in with an extremely vivacious and an energetic Associate, Bhumika and a talented Freelancer Writer, Priya, whom I have happily taken under my wing. So from a singular ‘ I ‘, I have evolved into a ‘We ‘ and I sincerely hope I grow in leaps and bounds.

Over the past seven years, we’ve managed to get featured ourselves (Yay!). From Wearethecity.inSophia Platinum Jubilee, The Startup Tales our first international podcast interview – The Tao of Self Confidence, to Sheroes.com for making this article The Mountains Within You… go viral.

From a writer, editor, I also became a facilitator and launched The Lifestyle Portal Online Writing Program and even got a chance to teach Journalism at the Master’s Level, as a Visiting Faculty at the SNDT Women’s University. A special thanks to my mentor and a lady I look up to, Dr. Mira Desai for giving me an opportunity to share my knowledge with my alma mater.

And one of my most memorable moments was when I was invited as a Speaker at the IAMAI Startup Summit in Pune, where I was a part of a panel on the topic of –  “Women Entrepreneurs: Breaking the prejudice of Traditional Businesses”  – Truly The Lifestyle Portal showed me a whole new world that I would have never explored.

Today, we are beyond humbled of having profiled over 170+ entrepreneurs from various fields and collaborations with some of the top brands in the country. It’s been the most thrilling, rewarding and sometimes challenging journey of my life, but I know, I would not have it any other way.

More importantly, we’ve made new friends and lots of new connections and travelled a lot, all thanks to The Lifestyle Portal. Truly, The Lifestyle Portal has given us a new lease of life.

Get listed & collaborate with us:

Write to us at bhumika.thelifestyleportal@yahoo.com & contact@tanyamunshi.com if you’d like to get listed, featured & collaborate with us at The Lifestyle Portal.

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