Reema’s Garden

Name: Reema Gopalan, Founder

Type of expertise:  Gardening, Gardening Workshops, Gardening Consultant


Location:  Office No 6, 3rd Floor, Muktai Prestige Bldg, Raykar Nagar, Dhayari, Pune – 411041

Mobile:  +9170453 23927


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About Reema’s Garden:  Reema shares, “Gardening helps us become better individuals. We develop an objective view that we never had before. It’s such a beautiful process, happening on a subconscious level. To add to it, we become aware of our surroundings, environment and farming. Sustainability, minimalism and intentional living that is now introduced as a “lifestyle concepts” become your lifestyle naturally and effortlessly.” Read more.


Udvid Plant Boutique  

Name: Lily Mitra, Founder

Type of expertise: Type of expertise: Udvid Plant Boutique curates ornamental plants ranging from ferns, crotons, coleus, begonia, euphorbia, creepers, succulents, a few ornamental flowering plants, and a few in the bonsai format.

Email: and

Location:  Kolkata

Mobile: +91 9163737996

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Udvid Plant Boutique on Facebook

About Udvid Plant Boutique: Their speciality though, lies not in the plants they curate but the way in which Lily puts them together for city dwellers who have less space, limited sunshine and time. Their miniature garden format is good for urban residents who love a house with a garden, for example. Read more.