Name: Anindita Choudhuri, Founder

Type of expertise: Manufacturers of stylish, robust, environment-friendly, bio-degradable & completely non-toxic, Areca nut palm leaf dinnerware and Sabaii grass products.


Location: Pune

Mobile: + 91-9167907228

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About Eco-Serve: Eco Serve Areca nut dinnerware sets not only help in reducing our dependency on plastic products but also help in moulding the psyche of people towards safe eco-friendly biodegradable and earth-friendly substitutes. Eco Serve strongly believes in a philosophy of safe eco-dining Dinnerware and lives up to its motto of ‘safe for you, safer for the planet’. Read more.



Almitra Tattva & Almitra Sustainables

Name: Anamika Sengupta, Founder

Type of expertise:

Almitra Tattva – A House of Exquisite handmade babywearing products.

Almitra Sustainables – A one-stop-shop for eco-friendly household goods right from a bamboo toothbrush, paper straws, biodegradable cutlery and more.

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Location: Mumbai

Mobile: + 91-9769133231

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About Almitra Tattva: From the beautiful earthy tones of the Bohemian Collection to the bold and subtle colours and designs in the hand-woven wraps and Cashmere collection, Almitra Tattva has become a well-known sustainable baby-wearing brand in Europe.

Almitra Sustainables: It was long back that Anamika had entirely stopped using plastics in her life. In fact, with the birth of her son Neo, it acted as a catalyst to procure and lead a more sustainable, healthy and environmentally friendly life. And this began with a small change, where Anamika banished the plastic toothbrush and replaced it with a bamboo one ever since her son got his first milk tooth. Almitra Sustainables was launched as early as this year, on World Environment Day on 5th June 2018. In spite of being at an infant stage, Almitra Sustainables as a brand has picked up really well and has been pretty well received across the market. Read more.