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Trendy Monsoon Footwear

Don’t let the monsoon play spoil sport when it comes to wearing your favourite shoes. You need not wear those old pair of sandals that’s on itsway to the bin, just because the rains and muck will spoil your favourite shoes. There’s hope and it comes in

Six Popular Tourist Spots in Visakhapatnam

  Nestled in the Eastern Ghats overlooking the mighty Bay of Bengal lies Vizag, home to one of the oldest and busiest ports in India. Tanya Munshi ventures beyond the city and discovers beaches, hillocks, valleys and other wondrous escapes and Illustrations by mindflyer+fei for SpiceRoute

Travel Tips with your Pet Dog

We had adopted a stray pup and named her Lisa (who lived for 17 and a half years). This black and white dog was our companion who went on road trips and joyrides to the beach. She was a sport during all our travels. She would sit

Food Wishlist – Waffles, Frites and Belgium

History has played a significant role in influencing the food habits in Belgium. German, French and Latin cultures have a dominant presence in their food habits. Over the years, the natives came across a wide range of people from all across Europe. Through several experiments they evolved

Mesmerizing Bangkok

I fell in love with Bangkok the moment I stepped into the city. As soon as I landed at the Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport, I knew I was going to have a good time – there was something positive and energetic about the place that I hadn’t