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Kid’s Menu: Cheesy Chicken Rolls

Parents complaining that their kids don’t help around in the house much, don’t set the dining table for a meal, clean up after that, make their own beds – let alone finish their homework without being told is passe. These days kids are gradually becoming more focussed

Nadan Chicken Curry

We’re happy to publish two fun recipes by Kasturi De. A mother of two, this lovely lady has the power to create a sunshine on a gloomy day! She shares her first recipe from God’s Own Country – a traditional Kerala chicken curry recipe, best served with steamed

Prawn Pasta

Here’s the second recipe by Kasturi De that she vouches that we all will love; especially kids who enjoy seafood! I know, we’re surely going to try it on a weekday night, I think it’s going to be a Monday, when I can pep up my mood

Kheema Pulao

Here’s yet another super simple recipe made with minced chicken, meat or lamb that is best had as is or with raita. I’ve made sautéed baby potato in curd sauce to add a robust companion to this light and fluffy rice meal in itself. So ladies &

Chicken Curry for the Soul

You know the warm and fuzzy feeling that you get when you dig into that comfort food?  Well that’s what this super simple chicken recipe does. A perfect dish to soothe a bland palate just after a nasty flu, a jet lag or a long train journey.