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The park bench

There's a story in every nook and corner of one's life, and it only gets captured if we just observe. Poyani Mehta shares a 15-minute account from her walk at a neighbourhood garden that unfolds into a beautiful story. Take a look...

5 things you would ask Love

Is 'Love' an overrated emotion or is it real? While our readers try to comprehend the feeling called love, Prachi S Vaish, a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist demystifies the concept and shares with us a more practical, logical and believable form of love. Are you ready?

Ooty: An escape from the summer heat

Here's a short travel writeup by Aditya Narayanan an avid traveller who shares some practical travel tips with our readers. He just came back from Ooty soaking up the crisp cool weather which is the perfect weekend getaway from the summers in Bangalore.