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The Phenomena of Tsunamis

It is when we think we're invincible, that is when mother nature strikes us with one of her biggest blows, the dreaded tsunami. Parashie Sidhwani, a 9-grade student shares with us her thoughts on the wrath of tsunamis, its causes effects and how to stay prepared.

Kolkata – The City of Joy Revisited

A recent winter trip to Kolkata brought to light its hidden gems. The Lifestyle Portal welcomes you to explore its history, food and celebrations through this exclusive photo feature. Maybe, on your next trip, you could add a few of these in your travel itinerary.

5 Reasons to Explore Jharkhand

If you're looking for an offbeat travel destination in India, Bilakshan Santosh Harsh gives you five good reasons to visit his home state, Jharkhand. Boasting of wildlife, natural beauty, history, arts and culture, Jharkhand is soon emerging as a popular tourist destination.